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National parks hard hit as US government shuts down

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National parks hard hit as US government shuts down
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The US government shutdown means that non-essential services such as national parks will have to close.

No tourists at Yellowstone might mean peace and quiet for Yogi Bear, but it is bad news for business owners who rely on tourists for their trade.

One Yellowstone shop-owner said: “If the government shuts down we are going to give it either 24 or 48 hours to see if it opens back up. If not we’ll have to close down.”

With the shutdown putting up to one million workers on unpaid leave, at Gettysburg, the famous civil war battleground, it is tourism that will suffer the heaviest losses.

One holidaymaker said: “When you plan a vacation for six or nine or 12 months and you come to the location that you want to visit and you can’t visit it — it’s upsetting.”

The shutdown will continue until Congress resolves its differences, in the meantime tourists and those who rely on them for their livelihood will pay the price.