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Einaudi shares his passion for music

Einaudi shares his passion for music
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Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi performs at sell-out shows worldwide.

Recently he has been in Britain, promoting his latest album and headlining the popular iTunes Festival in London.

Einaudi loves performing at the same festival as musicians from other genres and draws inspiration from all sorts of types of music.

“I come from a musical family from my mother’s side,” he said. “My mother played the piano and played classical music at home, but I had two older sisters that were playing records from Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, so I grew up with those worlds together. Growing up, I continued to listen to a lot of different music.”

Einaudi has been successful since the 1980s but it is work for film and television that has raised his profile to new heights. His music featured, for example, on the soundtrack of the hugely successful French film ‘Intouchables’ or ‘Untouchables’ in 2011, which delighted audiences around the globe.

For Einaudi, creativity is a passion.

“Even when I do something like a film, I want to keep the same inspiration and attachment to the music that I have when I play my music, so it’s more difficult because I don’t do it just as a job,” he said. “I am completely involved in the process and after a while, if you stay on a film for four months, it is very tiring.”

Einaudi is currently on tour to promote his latest album “In a Time Lapse”, released earlier this year.