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In the business world there are always winners and losers

In the business world there are always winners and losers
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Angela Merkel won by a landslide. In Germany’s elections the CDU-CSU managed to secure 42% of the vote. Her reassuring style, coupled with figures pointing to a strong economic recovery, captured the voters’ heart. In the troubled peripheral Euro zone countries, however, people were perhaps not so overjoyed.

While Germans celebrate the strength of their industrial system, European manufacturing as a whole is showing signs of fatigue. A report published by the European Commission certified a slowdown in the industrial sector. If we cannot come up with a common approach, says Brussels, we will fall further behind the US.

Speaking of falling behind… BlackBerry said a final goodbye to the consumer world last week. After a profit warning and the announcement that it would cut 40% of its workforce, the once mighty smartphone-maker unveiled plans to go private and focus on the business audience.

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