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IAEA happy with latest meeting with Iran

IAEA happy with latest meeting with Iran
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Eleven meetings and over a decade of investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency of Iran’s nuclear programme, and now the promise of a breakthrough.

In parallel with a door opening on diplomacy between Iran and America, it may also be ajar on the previously out-of-bounds nuclear issue
“We had constructive discussions on the different issues and we agreed to meet again on the 28th of October when we will start substantial discussions on the way forward to resolve all outstanding issues,” said the IAEA’s Head of Delegation Herman Nackaerts.

Since 2011 the IAEA has been trying to get access to Parchin military base, where it says nuclear bomb research was carried out before 2003 and perhaps after. That access has been denied, and Iran has denied such research was ever conducted.

The IAEA is concerned with presumed past non-proliferation treaty violations, and its work is entirely separate to the 5+1 group, the UN Permanent Security Council members plus Germany, which is focused on Iran’s current programmes.