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Assad dismisses West over draft UN resolution

Assad dismisses West over draft UN resolution
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President Bashar al-Assad says he is ‘unconcerned’ about a draft UN resolution being proposed by the US, France and the UK following a report confirming the use of chemical weapons.

He also warned in an interview on Chinese television that the continuing violence could impede the work of inspectors in the dismantlement of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.

“Initially we don’t see any problems, but as I said, terrorists could be ordered by some countries to take action against the inspectors to prevent them from doing their job with the goal of blaming the government of Syria,” said the president.

Assad’s government has handed over information about its chemical stockpiles but Western powers want a UN resolution to include the threat of force if Syria does not fully cooperate.

Russia has described the UN report on last August’s chemical weapons attack as ‘politically tainted’.