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Yemen: Dozens killed in militant attacks

Yemen: Dozens killed in militant attacks
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Suspected al-Qaeda militants have reportedly killed at least 50 people in three attacks in southern Yemen.

Two car bombs exploded at a military camp in al-Nashama. In a second assault in Maifaa at least 10 soldiers were shot dead. Both areas are in the province of Shabwa.

Militants took advantage of political chaos in Yemen during the Arab Spring in 2011 to seize control of some towns in the south of the country. Despite being beaten back by government forces they have continued to stage assaults.

AQAP – al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula – the group believed to be behind the killings, has said it aims to attack oil facilities, foreigners and security forces. It wants to topple the Saudi monarchy and Yemeni government so it can establish an Islamic caliphate.