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Mexico struggles with rain damage, more storms to come

Mexico struggles with rain damage, more storms to come
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With yet more rain on the way Mexico has begun counting the cost of the week’s unprecedented rains from Tropical Storms Manuel and Ingrid.

The intense rainfall from the two storms hit Mexico from both sides, sweeping in from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. Ninety-seven people have reportedly been killed. Fifty thousand people have been evacuated, and in all one million have been affected.

In mountain regions some who had not eaten for four days got an airlift of supplies, and it will be many weeks if not months before normality is restored.

The cost in repairs from this double-whammy could be very high, and could rise further if an area of low pressure over the Gulf deepens over the next 48 hours into a third Tropical Storm, or worse.

The downpour has even proved too much for certain installations built precisely to be strong. At least one dam has filled to overflowing, forcing engineers to open its gates, raising downstream water levels even higher.