Paltrow dates ex-sex addict in new movie

Paltrow dates ex-sex addict in new movie
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Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo and Tim Robbins, ‘Thanks for Sharing’ is the story of a group of friends recovering from sex addiction and learning to face their new life together.

Mark Ruffalo plays Adam, a recovering addict slowly working his way into a new relationship with Phoebe, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The Oscar-winning actress shows off an amazing lingerie-clad figure in this dark comedy:

“Nudity doesn’t bother me,” said Paltrow. “I’m not a puritan in that way, I don’t think that if you take your shirt off in a film you are in some way compromising your artistic integrity. I think it’s beautiful for a woman to have that kind of power and make that kind of decision for herself.”

Tim Robbins plays Adam’s sponsor. He explained what drew him to the role: “I get offered a good deal of scripts and I read them and they are either things that have been done before, or characters that I’ve played before, or a subject matter that is not that interesting to me; and this one really resonated because it was addressing a serious thing in a way that had compassion for its subjects with a great sense of humour,” he said.

Grammy winner Alecia Moore, who is known to all as Pink, makes her big screen debut as one of the recovering sex addicts.

“I am a performer, I am a singer, I’m a writer. This is not what I do, but it was fun,” she said.

The movie has earned mixed reviews. There was some praise for its handling of a delicate issue, but not for the storyline.

‘Thanks For Sharing’ opens in the US and in some European cinemas this autumn.

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