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Horror-comedy 'Hell Baby' blazes onto our screens

Horror-comedy 'Hell Baby' blazes onto our screens
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‘Hell Baby’ is an American independent horror-comedy about an expectant couple who move into a haunted house in New Orleans.

The film was written and directed by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon who are comedians in their own right.

As actor Robert Corddry explained, working with the pair was a perfect match: “We are all like-minded, and we love indulging in the weird corners of absurdity. Just making each other laugh, it is really just a good time.Those guys called me – and we’ve known each other for years – and they were like: ‘Listen, we’ve never actually worked for more than one or two days together. So I’ll tell you, we have families and we don’t like working more than 10 hours a day.’ And I was like, ‘I am in.’ “

Garant and Lennon have previously paired up to write several successful screenplays, including the ‘Night at the Museum’ films with Ben Stiller. Their films have earned over one billion euros in box office revenue alone.

“My favorite parts of the movie are just those long tangents that have nothing to do with anything,” said Robert Corddry. “That is what I love about those guys and our sort of family of comedians. We just find comedy in the dumbest most mundane stuff. In the face of horror.”

The writer-directors also co-star in the movie as a pair of ghostbusting priests sent by the Vatican.

‘Hell Baby’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival> it is now out in cinemas in the US and is also available through VOD.