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Costa Concordia salvagers prepare to search for missing bodies

Costa Concordia salvagers prepare to search for missing bodies
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With the Costa Concordia now righted it will be many months before it is finally refloated prior to being towed away.

The past 36 hours have all been about the salvage operation, but now the spotlight turns on the search for the final two bodies thought to lie inside.

Relatives of the two missing presumed victims have been in the nearby village of Giglio for the entire operation, and are now anxiously awaiting the start of the search tomorrow once teams are satisfied it is safe to enter the wrecked structure.

“After a year, it’s indescribable to not yet find my mother. So, I really hope that, once the ship has been secured, we can take her home,” said Stefania Vincenzi.

The operation has made a national Italian hero of Nick Sloane, the South African salvager who hugged Kevin Rebello, whose brother was a waiter on the ship, the second missing presumed dead victim. He has promised his men will do all they can to find the two remaining bodies, and has praised his team for pulling off one of the most expensive and technically demanding salvages of all time.

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    Source: Anadolu press agency

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