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Car bomb causes more tension along Syria Turkey border

Car bomb causes more tension along Syria Turkey border
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A car bomb has exploded at a border crossing between Syria and Turkey.

It happened on the Syrian side at the Bab al-Hawa crossing, killing at least seven and injuring more than 20. The wounded were rushed to Turkish hospitals.

The area is controlled by Syrian opposition rebels.

It follows the shooting down of a Syrian government helicopter by Turkish troops after they said it had entered Turkish airspace.

The helicopter landed on the Syrian side, 400 metres from the border.

The Assad government says Turkey is trying to escalate tensions along the border.

Atilla Sandıklı, an independent academic at the Bilgesam Research Centre in Turkey, said it was unlikely the Syrian government would retalliate against Turkey: “This may cause a perception amongst the public that it will escalate into a larger conflict. This breach of border will probably be reviewed by NATO officials and they may make a statement on that and warn Syria not to repeat it. So I don’t expect any retaliation by Syria.”

 Meanwhile amateur video has been posted on a social media website allegedly showing Syrian rebels shooting the pilot of the helicopter as he parachuted down.