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Several dead in US Navy Yard shooting; suspects search for multiple gunmen

Several dead in US Navy Yard shooting; suspects search for multiple gunmen
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Police in Washington DC after searching for two suspected gunmen after a deadly mass shooting at a Navy yard.

At least seven people have been killed, including a third gunman who is thought to be a former Navy employee whose contract was recently ended or changed.

Washington police chief Cathy Lanier refused to confimed the exact number of casualties: “We have one shooter that we believe involved in this that is deceased. We also have other casualties, I will not give a confirmed number this time, but we have mulitple victims inside that are deceased.”

As for the suspected shooters being sought – one is said to be a white man, the other black. Both are described as being dressed in military style clothing.

The drama began around 8 o’clock local time on Monday morning as many of the 3,000 workers at the heavily guarded yard were having breakfast.

Dozens of police and emergency vehicles surrounded the complex in which lies just over a kilometre south of the US. Capitol. Local residents were ordered to stay indoors as police swept and tried to secure the area.

President Barack Obama said the US is facing what he called “yet another mass shooting” – raising the prospect that he may again try to strengthen America’s gun laws.

The shooting comes less than three weeks after US. Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for murdering 13 people in 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas, where he gunned down unarmed soldiers in what he later called retaliation for U.S. wars in Muslim countries.

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