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The US-Russia 'six-point plan' for ridding Syria of chemical weapons

The US-Russia 'six-point plan' for ridding Syria of chemical weapons
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The agreement on Syria, announced by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on September 14, sets out a procedure for eliminating chemical weapons there.

At joint press conference in Geneva after nearly three days of talks with Lavrov, Kerry outlined the framework of the deal as follows:

1. Syria’s chemical weapons must be placed under international control as quickly as possible.

2. Within one week, Syria must provide a “comprehensive” listings of its chemical weapons stockpiles.

3. Extraordinary procedures under the Chemical Weapons Convention will be applied to allow for rapid destruction.

4. Syria must give inspectors full and “unfettered access” to all chemical weapons sites.

5. All chemical weapons must be destroyed (by the middle of 2014, although no exact date has yet been specified).

6. The UN will provide logistical support for the plan and compliance will be enforced by Chapter VII of the UN Security Council Charter (allowing for the possibility of sanctions and for the use of military force).