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Syrian opposition meeting to form government

Syrian opposition meeting to form government
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Despite diplomatic tensions over Syria easing in recent days, clashes have been continuing in the country with conventional weapons.

Around the town of Karf Laha rebel fighters and Assad regime soldiers have been battling for control of the area.

In an interview broadcast on Thursday, the Syrian president warned that Damascus would only fulfil its obligations to hand over its chemical weapons when Washington stops threatening to strike.

The Syrian National Coalition, the country’s opposition, are sceptical of the regime’s intentions. Their spokesman, Khaled Saleh, said they “must remind everybody that the Assad
regime is one of the countries that signed the UN resolution 1540 in 2004.” He added that “they’ve continuously said that they did not have any chemical weapons” so they don’t “believe they are serious.”
Saleh added: “ They have continued to kill civilians using conventional weapons and will continue to do so with chemical weapons…they have nothing stopping them.”

The Syrian National Coalition has been meeting in Istanbul with the intention of forming a temporary government.

It has also asked for Russia to stop supplying the Assad regime with weapons if Moscow wants to prove it’s serious about a diplomatic solution to the conflict.