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Syrian refugees head to Germany from Lebanon

Syrian refugees head to Germany from Lebanon
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More than 100 Syrian refugees are heading to Germany from Lebanon as part of a temporary resettlement programme.

The group are part of 5,000 vulnerable refugees from the conflict who have been selected by the UN for a two-year stay in Germany.

Amnesty International has praised the initiative but wants other EU members to take part as it says millions more face an uncertain future.

Amnesty’s Fransika Vilma said: “We must be careful because some two million people have crossed the borders. There are also four million more who’ve remained inside the country and are now homeless. Against this background we can only hope that Germany increases this programme, but also ask the EU to take part in a much more important way.”

Every month, around a thousand Syrian refugees have been trying to enter Germany and the country is expected to host an estimated 27,000 by the end of the year.