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Turning back the clock - life in 1980s Canada

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Turning back the clock - life in 1980s Canada
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Do you remember what life was like before emails, the internet, smart phones and 24-hour television?

One family in the Canadian city of Guelph has decided to live for one year without the modern technology that has made communication so easy nowadays.

Sporting the hairdos and clothes common in the 1980s Blair McMillan revealed the aim of his social experiment: “I’m basically trying to do everything you can do in 2013, but do it ’86 style.”

The reason why the family decided to live like it’s 1986 was because they felt their young children were spending too much of their day playing with computers and not enough time outside in the fresh air.

Blair’s wife, Morgan Pattey, explained that “a lot of people said they couldn’t believe” they were living like that for a year.

The family plan to live in the 1980s until April 2014.