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Mayhem as MP fires AK-47 at colleague in Jordan's parliament

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Mayhem as MP fires AK-47 at colleague in Jordan's parliament
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An MP has been arrested after trying to shoot another lawmaker during a row in Jordan’s parliament.

Talal al-Sharif fired an AK-47 towards fellow-MP Qusay al-Dmeisi, but he missed and Dmeisi escaped unharmed.

The two had earlier had a fierce parliamentary exchange.

Afterwards al-Sharif went outside to fetch his assault rifle from his car, shouting that he was going to kill al-Dmeisi.

He was stopped by guards as he returned to the parliament, forcing him to shoot from the hallway. No one was hurt by the bullets which hit the wall and ceiling.

The MP now reportedly faces charges of attempted murder, possession of unlicenced firearms and resisting the security forces.

Al-Sharif is to be expelled, according to parliamentary officials, and al-Demsi is to be suspended for one year.

A parliamentary committee found al-Demsi guilty of inciting the attack by slapping al-Sharif in the face while they were shaking hands in an effort to resolve their dispute.

Local media reported that Jordan’s King Abdullah II summoned the Speaker of the House Saad Hayel to discuss the shooting.

There was a similar incident last year when one member of parliament threatened an opponent with a pistol while being interviewed by a local TV station.