Celebrations in Tokyo over successful 2020 Olympics bid

Celebrations in Tokyo over successful 2020 Olympics bid
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Tokyo has been celebrating being named the host city of the 2020 Olympic games

Thousands of residents have gathered at different locations across the the Japanese capital to welcome the news that the Olympic torch will burn bright in the for a second time, the city hosted the Games in 1964.

Tokyo’s bid to host the 2016 Games was hampered by lukewarm public support, but that wasn’t a problem this time with a 70% approval rating.

Marathon runner, Takashi Ishizawa says “he was worried” that he would never get to see the Olympics taking place in Tokyo but was “overjoyed” so ran all the way to pick up the newspaper to read all the news about the victory.

The mood was very different at Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet Square where residents had gathered to hear the result of the International Olympic Committee’s vote. It was the city’s fifth bid to host the Olympics.

One man at the Istanbul celebrations said:
“I am very disappointed that Istanbul has lost out. It is an amazing city. They definitely deserved to win but Japan’s bid was very efficient. It is a shame that Istanbul did not get it I guess that is life.”

The only people left to celebrate as the crowds dissipated were a small group of Japanese, clearly delighted at the result.

Euronews’ correspondent in Istanbul said there is a general feeling of disappointment in the city but nobody is giving up on the dream. People have gone home but most feel that next time Istanbul will win.

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