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Brazilian president visit to US depends on answers

Brazilian president visit to US depends on answers
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Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff says her decision to visit the US over spying allegations depends on Barack Obama’s response.

The two met at the G20 meeting in Russia, and Obama said he would explain the spy program by Wednesday.

Her comments came after it was revealed America’s National Security Agency (NSA) was monitoring communications between herself and top aides.

She wants to know everything America has.

Speaking at a press conference the Brazilian President was clearly angry: “I think is very serious to spy on a democratic country, very serious, I don’t see how anyone can defend spying on a democratic country,” she said.

Meanwhile newspapers in Britain and America claim the NSA has developed tools to crack or get around encryption used to protect everything from email to financial transactions.

The reports also said America has worked with British monitoring station GCHQ to insert back doors in products or services, used secret court orders and manipulated international processes for setting encryption standards.