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Australian election: Rudd faces the prospect of an end to six years in power

Australian election: Rudd faces the prospect of an end to six years in power
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Opposition leader Tony Abbott cast his vote Saturday morning at Sydney’s Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club. Abbott, a volunteer lifeguard, is often depicted by cartoonists wearing nothing but the red-and-yellow cap of an Australian lifeguard and Speedos.

Opinion polls point to Abbott’s landslide election win over Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and an end to a ruling party marred by infighting and a much-maligned carbon tax.

Kevin Rudd was once widely beloved by the public, becoming Australia’s most popular leader in three decades when he took on the top job. Now, his party is facing the prospect of an end to its six years in power amid deep voter frustration over years of party instability and bickering.

Rudd was heckled by protesters as he cast his vote at a church in the Queensland state capital, Brisbane.

Tony Abbott came under unexpected fire as well while he was campaigning at a school in southern Sydney.

Hacklers yelled “Stop scape-goating refugees, Kevin! Show some humanity! Shame Rudd, shame!”

The protesters in both cases were angry over an immigration issue.

Despite the lack of overwhelming enthusiasm for opposition leader
Tony Abbott, he seems on track to guide his Liberal Party-led coalition to a victory, with opinion polls giving the coalition a
commanding lead over the ruling Labor Party.

Abbott has vowed to scrap the carbon tax and instead introduce taxpayer-funded incentives for polluters.