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PM Rudd faces election defeat as Australian election looms

PM Rudd faces election defeat as Australian election looms
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As Australia prepares to go to the polls Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is doing everything in his power to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Opinion polls suggest the Labour Party is set to lose, right now the only question is by how much.

There is even talk that the prime minster will be voted out of parliament.

Despite the doom and gloom, Rudd continued to urge his supporters to vote: “What I’d like say to each and every one of you is to get out there and to fight and to fight and fight to 6.00 pm on polling day.”

The man in the box seat is Tony Abbott, the leader of the conservative opposition.

Watchers of Australian politics believe Abbott will triumph not because people back his policies, but because of the perception that Labour has lost its way.

Abbott said there is not much the leading candidates agree upon: “I do agree with Mr Rudd on just one thing, we need a new way. The only way to have a new way is to choose a new government.”

Despite calls for a positive campaign, there is an overall feeling of negativity surrounding the vote from all concerned.