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Egypt: Violent clashes over rumored dissolution

Egypt: Violent clashes over rumored dissolution
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Violent protests have erupted once again on the streets of Egypt between supporters of the deposed President Mohamed Mursi and those supporting the army backed government.

In Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria, reports claim at least three people were injured while one person was reportedly killed in the province of Damietta.

In the capital, Cairo, thousands took to the streets to protest against the proposed move to neutralise the Muslim Brotherhood’s NGO wing. The Brotherhoods supporters feel they are being persecuted by the armed forces. One protester said he felt General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and his “thugs” should be the ones under arrest.

Although there has been no official confirmation of any proposed move to dissolve the branch of the Brotherhood, it would be a symbolic legal blow to the it’s legitimacy and will likely spark more violence on Egypt’s streets.