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New horsemeat scandal

New horsemeat scandal
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Following last winter’s horsemeat in lasagne scandal, a new crisis has hit northern Europe, and the French Farmers Union says the Belgian Mafia is behind it.

Horses were sold from this stable to a man who promised to give them a retirement home.

But they were taken to Belgium, their health passports changed and then returned to France to be slaughtered for human consumption.

According to Agence France Press, the abattoir became suspicious about the horses documents.

Horses used for riding can be given drugs which make them unfit for people to ear.

The owner of the stables where the animals came, Arnaux Ravaux also had doubts: “We realized that the explanations were the same every time. Once the horses had left, we had no more news from this man, and when we did manage to get hold of him, the animals were always either dead or victims of heart attacks.”

In countries where eating cheval is common, this case underlines the need for a Pan European system of health controls.