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Bubonic plague fears in Kyrgyzstan after death of boy

Bubonic plague fears in Kyrgyzstan after death of boy
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Authorities in Kyrgyzstan fear an outbreak of bubonic plague after a 15-year-old died last Thursday from the disease.

It is still unclear how the youth fell ill, however it is believed he was infected after eating a barbecued marmot infected with the lethal virus.

Over 150 people have been quarantined as a precaution in a local hospital. No other people have shown symptoms. The country’s health ministry has been quarantining anybody who came into contact with the boy.

One resident from the same region as the victim said that he is “worried about the situation.” He warned “if the government doesn’t find enough money to sterilise the area where the plague is present there is no guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again.”

Russian newspaper Izvestiya said that a public health official in the country explained that the bubonic plague exists naturally in parts of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia have cases reported every year.