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Amnesty International accuses UN of failures over Kosovo

Amnesty International accuses UN of failures over Kosovo
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Human rights group Amnesty International has slammed the UN in Kosovo for failing to properly investigate abductions and killings of Kosovo Serbs in the aftermath of the war.

Their report – released on the eve of a United Nations Security Council debate on Kosovo – alleges that for nearly a decade after the conflict, UN police and prosecutors failed to investigate war crimes and deliver justice to the relatives of victims.

Local campaigners say they are pleased the issue is getting recognition.

Gordana Djikanovic, a member of the Association of Families of Kidnapped and Murdered Persons in Kosovo, said: “We are happy that the international community is slowly acknowledging that ethnic Albanians were not the only victims in Kosovo.”

Hundreds of Kosovo Serbs were reportedly killed in revenge attacks by ethnic Albanian militants after the 1998-99 conflict.

Amnesty said the UN also failed to investigate kidnappings of ethnic Albanians by Serb security forces.

About 1,800 people went missing during the war that left around 10,000 people dead, mostly ethnic Albanians.

The NATO campaign was launched to stop a brutal crackdown against separatist Kosovo Albanians. The UN then took on the administration of Kosovo after Serbian troops were forced out by Nato.

When Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, the UN passed over most of its police and judicial responsibilities to an EU mission.