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Syrian chemical crisis prompts call for action, Russia warns against

Syrian chemical crisis prompts call for action, Russia warns against
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Russia warned the US and its allies to exercise restraint as the call for a military response in Syria grew around Europe’s capitals.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the alleged nerve gas attack was a ploy to derail any potential peace talks.

“Remember the reports of the chemical attacks came as America and Russia were working on the Geneva peace talks. There is no doubt the hysteria surrounding this has worked against the meeting,” he said in Moscow.

Lavrov said any military intervention in Syria without a mandate from the United Nations would be a grave violation of international law.

He appealed to the United States and other Western powers to avoid “past mistakes” by intervening in Syria and said that it was an illusion to think that destroying Syrian military infrastructure would end the civil war there.

Germany has joined the growing coalition of nations to back an international response against Syria, if accusations of a government gas attack prove correct.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, speaking in Berlin, weighed in saying: “The use of chemical weapons would be a crime against humanity. If it proves to be true then the international community needs to act and Germany will be amongst those calling for consequences. We are in close contact with the United Nations and our allies.”

As many a 37 states are now in favour of action against President Basher-al Assad.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his holiday and returned to London to discuss the Syrian chemical crisis.