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Slovenia: 70th anniversary celebrations of Home Guard who sided with Nazis

Slovenia: 70th anniversary celebrations of Home Guard who sided with Nazis
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In Slovenia, there have been controversial celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Domobranci, the country’s Home Guard during WWII.

The Domobranci pledged allegiance to the Nazis towards the end of the war.

One of the speakers at a ceremonies in the village of Rovte was leader of the right-wing opposition and former prime minister, Janez Jansa.

It was the first time a mainstream party had attended a remembrance ceremony for the Domobranci.

Jansa said: “We respect all those who have sincerely, by their own conscience given up their lives for a cause, fascism, national socialism and communism. All who died in this resistance deserve a proper grave and our respect. This can be the only basis for reconciliation”.

Jansa’s presence was criticised by the President of the Social Democrats, Igor Luksic, who said the Slovenian right had moved from being anti-communist to pro-fascist.

Protestors held placards outside saying “collaboration is a crime.”

The event also sparked debates over whether the Domobranci had been reacting to a Communist revolution, as they claim, or simply collaborators and traitors.

Thousands of people who had belonged to the Home Guard were systematically killed after the war for being collaborators under still controversial circumstances.

The events of WWII and the killings after the war are still a highly discussed topic in current Slovenian politics.