Serbian woman sees the world upside-down

Serbian woman sees the world upside-down
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People often approach Bojana Danilovic to tell her she is reading her newspaper upside-down.

In fact, the 29-year-old Serb has a rare neurological condition. When visual information reaches her brain it is processed as an upside-down image.

Diagnosed as spatial orientation phenomenon, it only affects certain aspects of her vision.

“I see people in a normal way, they are standing on their own two feet, not on their heads. The biggest problem is spatial orientation. I have been discouraged from getting a driving licence. I had problems at school; I could not get the education I wanted,” explains Bojana.

However, she hasn’t let this hold her back. Working at the local council she uses a special inverted screen, and at home she has a television placed on its top while the rest of her family watch another.