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Brazil: Ten tons of dead fish found in Rio lake

Brazil: Ten tons of dead fish found in Rio lake
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There is something fishy going on in Brazil. Ten tons of dead fish have been found floating in a Rio de Janeiro lake.

Biologists said it was likely that the fish deaths were caused by sewage finding its way into the water which sits next to the Olympic park under construction for the 2016 games.

A local resident who once fished in what he described as clear waters blamed the city officials.

“In reality, they say that it’s rain water, but the truth is only sewage dumped in here, not counting sewage from other areas that ends up here without treatment. They said they would have sewage treatment, but up until today they haven’t done anything,” explained Denildo Barcalo, a former fisherman and now assistant to biologist Mario Moscatell.

Rio is often bogged down with sanitation problems. The building housing athletes for the 2007 Pan American Games had plans for a sewage treatment plant, but none was built.

However, the city’s Olympic Park website claims to be committed to cleaning up its act before the Games in three years time.