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Masked superhero to the rescue at Tokyo subway station

Masked superhero to the rescue at Tokyo subway station
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Carry-Your-Pram-Ranger…that’s the name that 27-year-old Japanese shop-assistant, Tadahiro Kanemasu, uses when he’s carrying out his duties as the only superhero to grace the dimly lit stairs of one Tokyo subway station. Like many in the city they neither have escalators nor lifts.

For over three months, he has donned his green suit, with silver trim, to protect his identity as he helps the elderly, people lugging heavy bags and mothers with prams.

The local hero explains that “Japanese people find it hard to offer or accept help because they feel indebted to the person” and says that putting on the mask really helps matters.

As is the case with every superhero it’s always difficult to combine a job that pays the bills with the tough but rewarding task as a local here, Carry-Your-Pram-Ranger, explains. “I can only do a couple of hours a day due to my work shift so I want a team of volunteers to make sure the service is available all the time,” he adds.

Applications are open to the public to help the local hero in his quest to help passengers up or down the stairs of the Tokyo metro. Rumours are that several candidates have surfaced.