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Cries of anguish and joy as Hosni Mubarak leaves jail in Egypt

Cries of anguish and joy as Hosni Mubarak leaves jail in Egypt
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Airlifted from his Cairo prison cell, Egypt’s ailing ex-president Hosni Mubarak, was released after spending 2 years behind bars. The 85-year-old was freed due to a legal technicality but remains under house arrest.

It marked a victory for his supporters who chanted: ‘Mubarak’s release for peace in Egypt’.

“We are very happy that the president has been released, this man has never harmed us and we were living in security (under Mubarak), we left our doors open, honestly, we know now what he is worth,” explained one of his supporters.

Elsewhere in Cairo, the faces of those who died during the uprising against Mubarak in 2011 decorate the wall opposite a cafe. Mubarak still faces charges related to their deaths.

Founding member of Tamarud opposition group, Waleed Al Masri asked:
‘‘How can he be released, or how can he be free when it comes to the case of killing the revolutionaries, when all Egyptians and the entire world witnessed the killings of the revolutionaries on TV, so how, how when there is all that evidence?’”

His release has further divided a country which one week ago seemed on the brink.

Protesters dressed up as corpses wrapped in white cloths to recall the crimes Mubarak is charged with, appears all the more macabre in light of last week’s bloody clashes.