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Euronews invited to visit Egypt's wounded police

Euronews invited to visit Egypt's wounded police
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Following accusations by Egyptian authorities that the Western media failed to report all the facts on both sides during the violence in Egypt, euronews has accepted an invitation from the Egyptian government to visit wounded policemen at Cairo’s Al Ajoza hospital.

The tour was conducted by head of security operations in Cairo, General Jamal Abed Alaal.

According to the Interior Ministry, 57 police officers have been killed and 563 wounded since Wednesday.

One policeman described the situation he was in and how he got hurt: “I was dealing with violent people. They were armed and very highly-trained. They were determined to break into the security centre and to kill everybody inside,” he said.

The funerals of four dead officers were broadcast on state television.

At Al Ajoza hospital, a doctor explained the injuries of one officer currently being treated.

“He got shot twice actually. One of the bullets hit him in the chest. He had a haemorrhage around his lung and he had some kind of haematoma on his chest.”

More than 800 people across the country have lost their lives since the authorities began their crackdown on sit-ins held by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood last week.

Lawyers for the party, Egypt’s largest political group, say 3,500 followers have been arrested.

Western governments are not describing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation.