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Dazed Cairo residents survey their traumatised city

Dazed Cairo residents survey their traumatised city
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Cairo is looking and sounding like a splintered city today, as people survey the damage and chaos around them, and wonder what will happen next.

Friday saw the city’s worst street battles in three years, with a toxic mixture of soldiers, Muslim Brotherhood supporters and vigilantes surging back and forth.

“I can not get out of my house because I’m afraid, everyone says do not go out on the streets, they are arresting people with beards.
I can not believe what the army is doing, I did my military service and I know the army well. I never imagined that one day we would have a confrontation with the army,” said one man.

“Neither Islam nor any other religion allows the destruction of a country for the sake of a presidency,” insisted another.

“What is going on in Cairo is not normal and this is the first time that we see such things. Even on the 30th of July this did not happen, on the contrary they were throwing flowers at them. We should respect any protester and we should not shoot him,” was another man’s take on the situation.

Friend and foe are becoming hard to distinguish as residents take up arms against one another, the police, the Brotherhood, or the army. And the problem is spreading far beyond Cairo.