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Turkey PM Erdogan calls on West to act over Egypt 'massacre'

Turkey PM Erdogan calls on West to act over Egypt 'massacre'
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International condemnation has continued following the military crackdown in Egypt and the bloodshed that ensued.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on the UN Security Council to meet urgently, lambasting Egypt’s rulers and the West.

Referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, he said those who wanted democracy had been unequivocally “massacred”.

He accused Western leaders of hypocrisy over democracy and human rights, in Egypt and elsewhere.

“If the West does not take serious action (now), democracy throughout the world will be called into question,” he said.

Erdogan also criticised the month-long state of emergency announced by the Egyptian regime, predicting that it would have no effect on violence in the country.

The US and the European Union said they had urged Egypt’s military leaders right up to the last minute not to use force against the protest sit-ins.

The American Secretary of State John Kerry called for all sides to seek a political solution.

“Today’s events (Wednesday) are deplorable. And they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy. Egyptians inside and outside of the government need to take a step back. They need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life,” he said.

In the Indonesian capital Jakarta, hundreds of Muslims held a peaceful rally on Thursday calling for an end to the bloodshed.

Elsewhere, China has called for restraint and dialogue, while President Hollande of France personally summoned Egypt’s ambassador to protest.