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Egypt: Fears of backlash violence

Egypt: Fears of backlash violence
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The ingredients are all there for more bloodshed in Egypt. Amid mounting anger over the hundreds of deaths from the bloody break-up of pro-Mursi protest camps, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for big street demonstrations after Friday prayers.

Thursday saw gatherings where the chant rang out: “We will come back again for the sake of our martyrs!”

At the same time the Interior Ministry said security forces will again use live ammunition to repel any attacks on them or public buildings.

Simmering tensions boiled over on Thursday in Giza to the south of Cairo, near the pyramids, where hundreds of Mursi supporters stormed the provincial government headquarters and set it alight.

An eyewitness told euronews the attackers were determined and well armed.

“I was standing at the entrance to the governor’s building. They all gathered there and more and more of them came, trying to break down the gates of the building. There were some who had petrol bombs and automatic weapons and pistols.”

State television said near the scene of the fire two police officers were killed in an armed attack on a police checkpoint.

Euronews correspondent Mohamed Shaikhibrahim said: “The Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are responding, moving closer to violence and attacks against government buildings, looking to destroy them. While at the same time the Egyptian security forces are stepping up their efforts to capture the people involved in these acts of violence.”