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Croatia lends air support to help with Bosnia wildfires

Croatia lends air support to help with Bosnia wildfires
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Bosnia is receiving international help to put out a wildfire that has been going for nearly a week.

Planes have been supplied by Croatia after a request was put in to the EU Monitoring Centre.

The fire outside Jablanica in northern Herzegovina is threatening settlements nearby.

Local resident and volunteer Omer Kebric said: “There was no water and we couldn’t do much without it. The access was very difficult; the pine trees were on fire; the wind was blowing smoke towards us. It was impossible to stay. I could hardly breathe.”

Amid a heatwave with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, a number of fires have been burning for weeks in different areas across the country.

A state of emergency was declared in the northern town of Bratunac on Tuesday.

Four blazes in the south have forced residents living near Boracko Lake to evacuate their homes.