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Row over rock as tourist season reaches peak on Gibraltar

Row over rock as tourist season reaches peak on Gibraltar
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The rock of Gibraltar has become the centre of an escalating row between London and Madrid after Spain’s foreign minister said it is considering a 50 euro fee to cross the border into the British territory.

It is a vital through point for people travelling between north Africa and Europe. Spain disputes Britain’s three centuries of sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Spanish border checks were ramped up at the weekend causing long delays. Madrid also said it was considering tax investigations into Gibraltarians who own property in Spain. Other measures under consideration include shutting down Spanish airspace to planes heading for Gibraltar airport.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is, “seriously concerned” and that none of the proposed actions have been discussed with the UK.

The latest tensions between the two countries began after Gibraltar boats began dumping blocks of concrete into the sea to create what it said was an artificial reef to grow fish populations.

Spain rejects the claim and says the action would prevent its fishing vessels operating in the area.