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Young people protest against oil drilling in Norway's arctic

Young people protest against oil drilling in Norway's arctic
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Hundreds of young people from around the world have gathered in the far north of Norway for a summer camp.

They want to raise awareness about the threat to the arctic Lofoten islands from Norwegian energy firms, keen to drill for oil and gas in the waters around the picturesque islands.

Norwegian politicians from all the main parties joined environmental campaigners to debate the issues.

The subject is a hot topic among voters ahead of Norway’s elections on 9 September.

The Lofoten islands are located above the arctic circle in Norway. They are home to the world’s richest cod stocks and environmental groups and the tourism industry oppose any development.

Earlier this year, the ruling Labour party gave the go-ahead for an impact study into drilling.The government and two other main parties are in favour of oil and gas exploration in the arctic.

Norway is the world’s seventh-biggest oil exporter and western Europe’s biggest gas supplier. Its production will fall to a 25-year low this year and Norwegian energy firms are continually looking for new energy sources.

The young campaigners say Norway will lose any credibility as an environmental leader if it fails to protect the Lofoten islands from drilling.