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New president of Iran, Hassan Rohani, takes oath of office

New president of Iran, Hassan Rohani, takes oath of office
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The newly elected seventh president of Iran, Hassan Rohani, has taken his oath of office at a official ceremony at the Iranian parliament in Tehran.

On Saturday, he received the endorsement of the Supreme Leader of the country, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The election of Iran’s new president in June came as a surprise to many. The 64 year old is known for his moderate views and openness for dialogue with the West, which he outlined in his inaugural speech.

Rohani said: “I want to end tensions, create mutual confidence and constructive interaction in order to determine our future path. I want to stress that Iran has never wanted to be at war with the world. We will focus all our efforts on keeping those who want war and trigger it on a tight reign.”

Breaking with tradition in Iran, Rohani invited foreign dignitaries to the ceremony. In his speech he also asked for an end to sanctions and respect from the international community.

Euronews correspondent Olaf Burns attended the ceremony in Tehran and explained: “It is in the same parliament where Rohani took his oath of office where he will encounter obstacles. The parliament was elected just one year ago and two thirds of the MPs are conservatives.”