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'The To Do List' brings back nostalgic 90s humour

'The To Do List' brings back nostalgic 90s humour
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In the film ‘The To Do List’ Brandy Klarke is not your average female protagonist. She is also on a special journey.

Feeling pressured to become more sexually experienced before going to college, she makes a list of things to accomplish before term starts. The partially autobiographical film was written and directed by Maggie Carey.

While promoting the movie Carey said: “I do feel like the actors have the hard job because there are some things – even me who wrote the script – you actually write something and then you see them doing it and then you’re like ‘oh I wrote that and now you have to do that.’ And you do have those moments. But I think because we treat it with honesty and it is frank and it is very specific, but all that awkward plays to the comedy.”

Brandy is played by Aubrey Plaza who seems to have enjoyed the rather racy experience: “When I was shooting this movie I had a lot of support and the cast was so funny, everyone was so funny Maggie [Carey] was the captain of the ship so I just kind of looked fear in the face and said ‘I’m going to give you a hand job.‘And I’m gonna commit to that.”

The movie is set in 1990’s Boise, Idaho, and also stars Maggie Carey’s husband Bill Hader, Clark Gregg, Scott Porter, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg and Connie Britton.

‘The To Do List’ starts its European release on August 15.