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Thai air drummer becomes internet hit

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Thai air drummer becomes internet hit
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Draw a drum kit on a wall, play it and become a star – that is what Thai musician Note did. It has so far racked up multiple hits on the internet.

It took two days to record the video. The 29- year-old music teacher from Bangkok says his performance may look natural but it took a lot of practice and guidance.

Weerachart “Note” Premananda Jr. explained: “I had to find a good position when I was playing. As I sat here, I didn’t know which was the best place to hit. When we were actually filming we had a director to guide me where to position my hands, whether to move it higher. ‘Left and right, hands up a bit more. Left hand is still too low, move up a bit.’ So that made it more realistic because I was just hitting the air. I also used a tree over there to gauge the distance and height for the bass drum. And for this drum, I looked over there to gauge it. And then I memorised it all before playing with the music and synchronising.”

On his new found fame he said: “I didn’t think anything of it at the beginning. I just wanted to do it for fun, to create something the world hadn’t seen before, I don’t mind if people imitate because it’s fun. For people who don’t have drum sets at home it could be another way to practice.”

This may be just the start. The air drummer says he is thinking of trying more complicated songs, with bigger chalk drum sets and with unexpected camera angles.

And after that, who knows, he says. Maybe he will try to develop the concept to cover chalk guitars, saxophones and other instruments.