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Supporters of Egypt's deposed president refuse to back down

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Supporters of Egypt's deposed president refuse to back down
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Brinkmanship reaches fever pitch in Egypt as supporters of deposed President Mohammed Mursi took to the streets demanding he be reinstated.

Following news that their former leader faces accusations of criminal activities, a spokesman for Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood said the charges were a “fantasy of a few army generals and a military dictatorship”.

Responding to the Egyptian army’s ultimatum to fall in line with their political roadmap, the crowds in Rabeaa Aladawya Square showed no sign of backing down.

“ We will give the Army 48 hours to response to our demands, if they do, we will leave, otherwise we are going to stay here until we achieve our goals,” declared one Mursi demonstrator.

Meanwhile anti-Mursi supporters have responded to the army’s call to rally to their side giving them a mandate to oppose ‘terrorism’.

Confrontation was all but inevitable and initial reports suggest clashes between pro and anti-Mursi camps had erupted in Cairo in the early afternoon of Friday.

In the month since the uprising almost 200 people, mostly Mursi supporters, have been killed.