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Witnesses recount horror scene as Spain remembers Santiago train crash victims

Witnesses recount horror scene as Spain remembers Santiago train crash victims
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A minute’s silence has been held to remember the 78 people who died in one of Spain’s worst train crashes.

Another 32 are in a critical condition in hospital, among them four children.

48 hours after the train came off the rails just outside Santiago de Compostela, high speed trains have started running again, although at a slower pace as the clear-up operation is still underway.

Euronews’ correspondent Javier Villagarcía in Spain says that for local people there’s no return to normality: “The return of the first trains though the now infamous curve of Agrandeira doesn’t mean that normality is back at Angrois. The people who live in this neighbourhood are still in shock from a train accident they will never forget.”

Manuel’s daughter was in the train and is in hospital with minor injuries. He told euronews: “I was coming down here to the bar to have a glass of wine, and saw the wagon in the open field, and my daughter was the first thing I saw… she was outside… the neighbours were heroes, total heroes… I don’t really know how I feel… nervous I guess. I can’t sleep now…”

Jesús lives 100 metres from the crash site. He was one of the first to arrive at the scene. He still feels guilty and thinks he could have done more if the police had allowed him. “I went down to the floor to go underneath the smoke cloud and get to the edge and straight away I found a dead body, and then two metres away another one. Dead people… and the arrogance of the police men that arrived and kicked us out after all the work that we did pulling out people up the bank… damn it… for goodness sake…” He broke off in tears.