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Egypt army general's call for mass demonstrations condemned

Egypt army general's call for mass demonstrations condemned
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Egypt’s military chief is calling for supporters of the new regime in the country to take to the streets.

Speaking at an army graduation ceremony, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who deposed President Mohammed Mursi at the start of this month, said there would be no retreat from the army-backed roadmap.

General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi appealed to Egyptians to turn out in force on Friday.

“I would like you to take the streets to show that you are endorsing the military and police to put an end to violence and terrorism”.

“We didn’t betray anybody. Don’t think that I betrayed the former president. I told him that the Egyptian army belongs to all Egyptians”, he said.

But Mursi supporters expressed outrage at the call for demonstrations.

The Muslim Brotherhood, who were in power before the army took over, claims Sisi’s appeal for people to take to the streets is a threat.

They have set up a vigil outside Rabia el Adaqiya mosque, near the presidential palace, in the northeast of the capital Cairo.

One Mursi supporter said General Sisi was attempting to carve the military up:
“Sisi is part of an outside plot attempting to split the Egyptian army between its supporters and its opponents just as what happened in Syria and in Yemen. But it will not happen here, because our army is a people’s army and just as they have proven before that they are Egypt’s army, not Sisi’s army, not Hosni Mubarak’s army.”

More than a hundred people, many of them Mursi supporters, have been killed in street clashes this month.

But General Sisi says he believes there will be parliamentary elections in about six months.