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700 killed in sectarian violence in Iraq so far in July

700 killed in sectarian violence in Iraq so far in July
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Seven people have been killed and 22 injured in bomb attacks in Iraq.

Two mosques in the south of Kirkuk were targeted in separate roadside bombings – worshippers had gathered for extended evening prayers.

Kirkuk is about 250 kilometres north of the capital Baghdad, has grown rich due to nearby oil fields.

It’s ethnically mixed, with Kurdish and Shi-ite populations.

Meanwhile Al Qaeda’s Iraqi branch claimed responsibility for freeing hundreds of prisoners from two raids on prisons on the outskirts of Baghdad.

The group said it had deployed suicide attackers, rockets, and twelve car bombs, killing 120 Iraqi security force members in the attacks – it claims over 500 prisoners were released.

And in another attack, this time in the city of Mosul, it’s been reported nine policemen have been killed.

Mortars and automatic weapons were used. Four people were injured including two paramedics.

Since the start of July, around seven hundred people have been killed in sectarian violence in Iraq.