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Electric vehicle sales zap up

Electric vehicle sales zap up
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They are still a tiny proportion of the total number of vehicles on the road, but electric cars sales are picking up.

The US is the biggest market, with 40,000 plug-in cars purchased there in the first six months of this year and boosters of EVs point out that they are catching on at a far quicker rate than hybrids did.

After initial disappointing sales for its Leaf model, Nissan cut the price and sales quadrupling from 2012.

Nissan, together with its French alliance partner Renault, this month sold its 100,000th electric vehicle. Of those 70,000 are Leafs and 30,000 were from Renault, which has four models including a van.

Of the total, around 30,000 Leafs have been sold in the United States, 28,000 in Japan and 12,000 in Europe.

They have shown that there is demand for EVs – if the price is right. The trick now is making a profit on those battery powered cars.