Skylar Grey steps into the spotlight

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Skylar Grey steps into the spotlight

Skylar Grey steps into the spotlight
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She wrote the hook to the hit ‘Love the Way You Lie’ by Eminem and Rihanna, and for years has worked with big-name US pop musicians behind the scenes, writing their music and singing back-up vocals.

And now musician Skylar Grey is finally emerging as an artist in her own right to make an album under her own name.

“I’m really grateful for everything Eminem has done for me. Initially starting out with, ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ using my hook,” Grey said.

“That opened so many doors for me. But then he continued to work with me and called me back to the studio to work with (Dr.) Dre, with ‘Slaughterhouse,’ and now he is executive producing my album. He’s giving me feedback and it’s great.”

She has just released her debut album, ‘Don’t Look Down’, her first under the name Skylar Grey.

In 2006 she released her first album ‘Like Blood, Like Honey’, under the name Holly Brook, a gentle, soulful singer-songwriter.

Then, in 2010 she changed her name and reinvented herself as a rougher, tougher, sassier artist.

“You know there are songs about my childhood, being a little rebel and getting away with sneaking out at night, then camping with my friends and making out with boys. Then telling my parents that they did the same stuff so they can’t be mad at me for it,” Grey remembers.

Her new album is a mix of different genres that Grey said reflects the diversity of her style.

As a child she sang in a folk duo with her mother, and by fifteen she hadd formed her own band.

Music, it seems is in her blood.

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