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Pro-Mursi protest continues as US calls for deposed president's release

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Pro-Mursi protest continues as US calls for deposed president's release
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Following prayers on the first Friday of Ramadan, supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi resumed their positions.

Gathering in the tens of thousands in Cairo, they called again for the president they elected to be reinstated.

Mursi has been under arrest since last week. The US have called on Egypt’s army to release him amid the ongoing protests of pro and anti-Mursi groups which have led to dozens of deaths over the last few weeks.

Pro-Mursi supporters arrived from Sinai to add their voices to the demonstrations.

“I hope that the people from all over the world, especially in Europe, see the millions of people who support our voices and stand against the military coup which happened in Egypt. This coup buried democracy,” declared one pro-Mursi protester.

“I went to vote in the election. I voted with my wife and my sons, all these votes have been thrown into the garbage,” said another Mursi supporter.

People remained on the streets well after midnight, but the situation did not erupt in violence as last week which became known as the “Friday of Rage”.

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim reports from Cairo:

“Three Fridays in a row have seen pro-Mursi supporters take to the streets in large numbers, each one has been given a different name by the Muslim Brotherhood but the demand remains the same, to keep President Mursi as head of the country.”