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Moscow's posthumous verdict on Magnitsky 'shameful' says co-defendant

Moscow's posthumous verdict on Magnitsky 'shameful' says co-defendant
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A Moscow court has found the late Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky guilty of tax fraud in a posthumous trial.

Magnitsky was arrested in 2008 after he accused a number of Russian interior ministry and tax officials of fraud.

Magnitsky, employed by William Browder’s London based Hermitage Capital Management fund uncovered a huge tax fraud run from Russia.

Moscow then accused both Browder and Magnitsky of the same crime.

Magnitsky was imprisoned in a harsh pre-trial detention centre and died in custody in 2009.

Browder, tried in absentia, was sentenced to nine years in jail.

Browder said the verdict was the “most shameful moment since Stalin.”

His lawyers say they will appeal.

It is the first time in Soviet or Russian history that a person has been tried posthumously.

Prosecutor Mikhail Reznichenko explained the courts decision:

“In accordance with the court decision, Magnitsky’s criminal case is closed as result of his death. The court rejects the request by his family to clear his name.”

An investigation into the death of Magnitsky by the Russian council on human rights concluded he had been severely beaten and refused medical treatment.