Egypt: PM dispute stalls political progress

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Egypt: PM dispute stalls political progress

Egypt: PM dispute stalls political progress
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Egypt’s political transition post Mohamed Mursi has been thrown into doubt.

Liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei was set to take up the job of interim prime minister. But now there has been a U-turn, with a presidential spokesman telling reporters that no selection has been made.

It came amid opposition from the Nour Party, Egypt’s second Islamist force after the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We cannot accept any blackmailing or pressure. The choice is made based on professionalism. We are looking for a crisis government that has to be capable of getting through the current circumstances,” said presidential spokesman Ahmed Mossallamany.

In Cairo, a clean-up has been underway after Friday’s deadly street battles in the capital.

Pro and anti Mursi protesters clashed across the country, leaving dozens dead.

“Demonstrations should be without violence. We all know that Mursi once earned votes from 51 percent of the people, and it is clear that 48 percent of the people were against him,” said one Cairo resident.

“We should take it as a fact and make changes accordingly. Otherwise, the country will never be better off.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for more protests on Sunday, in the wake of Mursi being removed from power. The military denies carrying out a coup. It says its enforced the will of the people.